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Sample Case Descriptions

Use of Force
  • The police reported that they “returned” gun fire after the homeowner shot at them. Facts and admissions demonstrate that the police shot first while in the darkened backyard at 2:00 AM without a warrant, consent or presence of exigent circumstances.
  • The issue in this use of force case was to determine if non-lethal force was reasonable when used against a homeless person who was threatening suicide, which resulted in permanent disfigurement and significant injuries.
  • Did a state police trooper use excessive force that resulted in serious injuries to a person in custody for DUI?
Police Procedures
  • Did police tactics influence the shooting of a 16 year old teenager by a tactical police officer who was in plainclothes and operating an unmarked police vehicle?
  • A woman drowned after driving into a dark and flooded underpass after police had left the scene unprotected and without warnings to oncoming traffic.
  • Driver of a motorcycle was killed by a DUI driver after the police left the scene during the towing process of the victim’s motorcycle for an administrative violation of his license.
Police Pursuit
  • Was it reasonable to pursue a motorcycle in excess of 100 mph for a traffic violation that resulted in a crash and injuries to a third party?
  • Were police obligated to activate all emergency equipment during a police pursuit resulting in a crash and injuries to a third party?
  • Was it reasonable to pursue a vehicle that was reported as stolen by the owner’s teenage daughter. Subsequent head-on collision resulted in the deaths of the daughter, her boyfriend and a third party.
Negligent Hiring
  • A background investigation revealed the police applicant was previously accused of sexual assault of a minor but was still hired. He later was involved in sexual assaults of minors when assigned as a deputy sheriff to oversee a youth program.

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