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Sample Case Descriptions

Use of Force
  • Was reasonable force used on a resident during an eviction process when the deputies were at the wrong apartment? (IL)
  • Was reasonable less lethal force used on a homeless person who was threatening suicide? (FL)
  • Was a state trooper's use of force excessive when dealing with a DUI suspect? (WV)
  • Was the use of deadly force reasonable in which police shot and killed a homeowner that police knew had threatened "suicide-by-cop" during the previous shift? (FL)
Police Pursuit — Emergency Driving
  • Police pursuit by officers for a traffic offense resulted in significant injuries to a third party. (CT)
  • Police pursuit in excess of 100 mph for a traffic offense resulted in injury to a third party. (TN)
  • Police failure to use siren to alert other motorists during a pursuit resulting in devastating injuries to a third party. (PA)
  • Police ran a red light when responding to an alleged emergency call for service resulted in serious injuries to a third party. (TX)
  • Was a pursuit reasonable when pursuing violent felons? (AZ)
  • Was a pursuit reasonable when pursuing a subject suspected of being armed and dangerous? (NM)
Hiring, Training and Labor Issues
  • Regarding a fatal Officer-Involved Shooting (OIS), were police trained and did they have a reasonable policy on dealing with the mentally ill? (AL)
  • Background investigation revealed an applicant was suspected of a previous sexual assault but he was still hired by police agency. Officer later sexually assaulted teens in a youth program he was supervising. (FL)
  • Questions regarding the transfer and demotion of an exempt employee. (WV)
  • Was an officer in a field training program properly supervised during an arrest? (FL)
Police Procedures and Tactics
  • Was the shooting of a juvenile by a tactical officer operating an unmarked police vehicle reasonable? (FL)
  • A woman drowned after driving into a dark and flooded underpass after police left the scene unprotected and without warning to oncoming traffic. (CT)
  • Driver of a motorcycle was killed by a DUI driver after police left the scene during the towing process of his motorcycle for an administrative violation. (PA)
  • Woman broke her leg when knocked down by officer during foot pursuit. (NY)
  • Were police negligent by not acting on a 911 call reporting a missing stop sign at an intersection resulting in subsequent fatal crash? (NC)

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